Bad Moms: Motion Picture Review

Film: Bad Moms

GENRE: Comedy


STARS: Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate

WRITERS: John Lucas, Scott Moore

DIRECTORS: John Lucas, Scott Moore


Bad Moms has to be one of the funniest films I have viewed in a long time.

Too tell you the truth, I was not expecting much.  I was planning on it being another cute romantic comedy with some decent acting.  In other words, a chick flick.

Bad Moms can probably still be considered a chick flick,  or you might categorize it as a girl power movie.  Whatever you categorize it, I just call it funny with an emotionally moving story behind it.


IMDB defines the Bad Moms plot as: “When three overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.”

There is a little more to it than that.

Bad Moms

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Amy Mitchell (Kunis) is a hard working devoted Mom of two (or three, if you count her useless husband).  Besides the cooking, cleaning, and the devotion she has to her kids, she also is a member of the PTA and holds a job.

Upon the opening of Bad Moms we find her completely stressed and spastic, which leads her to be forgetful, always late and causing trouble wherever she goes.

After quitting the PTA, she happens upon, Carla and Kiki.  Two other mother’s of complete opposite personalities.  Kiki (Bell) is a slave to her kids and husband with the self-esteem of a mouse.  Carla(Hahn), on the other hand, is a sex craved, self-centered party girl, that loves her child, but does everything possible to make us believe the opposite.

Carla, influences Amy and Kiki that they both deserves lives as well.  Through a couple of irresponsible exploits, Amy realizes she is not only forgetting about her own needs, but she is also leading her kids down a road to entitlement.

Bad Moms

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Gwendolyn, played by Christina Applegate, is the antagonist of Bad Moms. As the self-proclaimed “Super Mom” and president of the PTA, she has the power to control teachers, coaches, and the administration of the school.  Amy, being the first ever to resign from the PTA,  turns Gwendolyn against her.  Gwendolyn’s retaliation causes some serious issues for Amy’s children.

Amy decides that no one will mess with her kids, and she, with the aide of Carla and Kiki, hatches a plan to win the election for president of the PTA.


Mila Kunis’s performance as Amy, is smart. thoughtful and fun.  Her sincere love for her beams through her in her scenes with Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony, yet she remains honestly vulnerable.

Bad Moms

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Kathryn Hahn provides the “life of the party” and probably remains the reason why this film is rated R.  Her sexual language and antics are fun and shocking but are honest.  Carla is sometimes reckless and promiscuous, but she is honest about it.  Despite her vocabulary, and sexual nature she cares about her friends.

Bad Moms

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It is such a pleasure to watch Kristen Bell play the naive wife and mother of four, Kiki.  This complete 180, from her stronger characters  like Veronica Marrs and Sarah Marshall, is so refreshing.  Personally, her performance gave me a deeper respect for her as an actor.

bell bad moms

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Other Bad Moms performances worth mentioning would be Christina Applegate’s, characterization of the perfect mom that you just love to hate. Her side kicks; Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo whom provide the perfect Mean Girl-esk comedic opposites to help solidify Gwendolyn’s reign on the school.

Bad MomsBad MomsBad Moms

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Bad Moms follows a contemporary story arc with comedic brilliance.  The banter between the three main characters keeps you engaged and laughing.  I swear I almost fell out of my seat a couple of times.

The film’s cadence is quick with just enough honestly heartfelt scenes to let you catch your breath and realize this comedy does have a vision and values.

The Bad Moms cinematography works with the actors and not against them.  There are plenty of movies out there where the photography, color and effects become another character in the movie.  This is not one of them.  The Chicago skylines and interior scenes do not play second fiddle to the actors nor to they take away from their performance.  It is an ensemble of brilliant color, camera work and editing that allows the actors to do their jobs and bring us into their lives without distraction.

Bad Moms

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Summary & Rating

While I praise this film for its comedy, sincerity and story line, it is not perfect.  There is some mature content that went a little overboard, but that it this audience member’s opinion.  I have a blast with the most “mature” of comedic content when it furthers the story.  There are just a couple of scenes in Bad Moms that do not.

Overall, I really enjoyed Bad Moms and I will enjoy watching it again.

My Rating:
4.0 rating

Brad Minus

Brad Minus has been acting, directing, singing and dancing on stage and film for over two decades and understands the process both in front and behind the scenes. It is with these experiences that he hopes to bring a fresh perspective to reviewing all types of entertainment.

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  1. I rarely get out to the movies but I did manage to see this one. I was rolling in my seat a lot more frequently than anticipated. I know she wasn’t in it for long but Wanda Sykes was a great character as well. Some of the movie was a little predictable (as most movies like this are) but overall, I agree, it was a fun movie.

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